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Joey Van Der Meer


Joey van der Meer aka @scrappyjoeyoung, aka brappi; yktv! (youknowthevibes). Scrappy has been an integral part of the Jiberish family for years now. Known for one of the meanest lookbacks in the game, he always knows how to have a good time on and off the hill. 

How long have you been skiing: I've been skiing since I was 16 or so - got into it after some friends picked it up through skateboarding. 

Favorite non-ski activities: I like staying on top of clothing & music, and if I'm not skiing, I'll most likely be skating the city, surfing, or other activities with the bois & fam.

Best non-ski trip: A favorite trip to think back on is touring down to San Francisco on a whim with Danny (Freed), helping him film and send down concrete on some of the Bay's famous landmarks.