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The Walnut St. Oxford

Enduring clothing designs are usually rooted in necessity and Oxfords are long associated with formal settings. In all of our lives we have occasions where an Oxford or some sort of escalated attire is necessary. We are all firm believers that dress can dictate how one is portrayed or help one play the part they wish to be. We set out to design an Oxford that could be dressed up or down, a piece that could easily be incorporated within our everyday wardrobe, yet one that was different in its subtleties.
This shirt may seem like a classic Oxford. However, we have spent countless hours refining, sampling, and testing our button down fit to ensure the best fit we have ever had while staying true to our roots. 
Being based in Denver, we see a large variability in temperature throughout the day and into the evening. We all have busy schedules and may not have time to change between meetings or outings. With this in mind we used a heavier weight cotton than your typical Oxford. The basket weave of a heavier weight Oxford can work to trap heat fairly effectively, however when the neck it opened up it can be cooled down quickly as well. There are no extremely technical components to this fabric just thoughtfulness. 
The Walnut Oxford features a heavyweight 100% cotton Oxford weave. Details include a striped navy and grey pocket on the wearers left, accented bar tacks to reinforce the area of stress and a Jiberish crown flag tag. 
The Oxford also features a contrasted navy sleeve placket, accented stitching on the top button, white pearl buttons, a button down collar, "It's a Cold World" hidden tag, and the classic Jiberish Slim fit. 
We hope you enjoy this shirt as much as we do.