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"Summer of Love" Supima Graphic Tee Capsule Collection Pt. 2

All tees Printed in Denver on 100%  organically grown US Supima cotton. 
Inspired by the Rolling Stones infamous 1969 free performance at Hyde Park before 500,000 people. 
This was the first show played by the band since their 1967 European tour and their first show as a band since the death of estranged founding member Brian Jones 2 days prior. Mick Jagger read a short eulogy on stage before the set began as several hundred white butterflies were released. 
The Hells Angels were hired as stewards for the event to protect the stage, equipment and artists. The idea to use the Hells Angels came from the Dead's touring manager as they had been used for free concerts in California in years prior, and becoming adopted as part of the counterculture. 

1967 was a strange time and people were strangers. 

Faces came out of the rain. 

No one remembered your name.

Who needed money or possessions? Everything was free in the Haight in 1967. The Dead played for free in the Park. The Diggers gave out free food. Ken Kesey supplied free acid to anyone that wanted. People lived in free communes. Free love was the common currency. It was one big countercultural utopia. It was the dawning of a new age.