Keeshlife Movie 02


The past month team rider Joona Kangas and company released their second full length film, Keeshlife Movie 2. Featuring skiing in Finland, Sweden and Austria, the film has a little something for everyone. Enjoy.


"Keesh was taking a little nap but woke up and are now presenting the Keeshlife Movie 2 for you. Filmed last winter in Finnish streets and big mountains of Austria with some flavor from late spring Riksgränsen camping trip. Skiing by all-time Keesh classics and the best homies. Including the first-ever Joona Kangas full part, the never-ending Psycho P part, and other surprises. Okay, that's enough words for now - close your phone, light up some candles, or whatever sets the mood for you and press play."


Featuring Joona Kangas, Anttu Oikkonen, Antti Ollila, Lauri Kivari, Pontus Penttilä, Velentin Hänninen, Aleksi Patja, Eemeli Jussila + the homies.