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Jiberish for Adam Snow

We were recently presented with an opportunity to work with our good friend, past employee, and music collaborator Adam Snow (@adamxsnow). He reached out for our help with a t-shirt project, with all proceed to go towards the Elijah McClain GoFundMe Campaign. We are grateful to be able to hop on board and do our part to bring justice to Elijah's name and family.


Today, Adam released the first single off his new album titled "42" featuring Freddie Gibbs and Josh Alias. The track is a reference to Jackie Robinson and his jersey number 42. Jackie was the first professional black athlete to cross over into the fully segregated Major League Baseball organization as a Brooklyn Dodger in 1947. He played his first game on April 15th, 1947, and Jackie is credited with having crossed the color barrier.


We teamed up with our good friends at @indyinkdenver to print these shirts for us. Photographer @aldenbonecutter and model @ietef pitched in on the creative side. Tee artwork was done by @itsokdontbesad. Check out the editorial below and pop over to the shop page to purchase a tee. All proceeds will go to the Elijah McClain GoFundMe Campaign.

Eggo finds a stash
Boys find the goods