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New Environmental Certifications - 2021

Starting in 2021 Jiberish is taking new steps to reduce its environmental footprint. Along with the signature American Grown Supima® Cotton, we will primarily use G.O.T.S. certified garments made from organic cotton produced in wind powered, Fair Trade Certified™ facilities. This means that these products are globally recognized organic textiles. The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from at least 70 percent certified organic natural fibers. All products are grown, harvested, crafted and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment.




Custom Milled Organic Cotton 

The raw materials used on these products are grown within a global organic textile standards and certifications including Organic Exchange 100 Guidelines and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System.




American Grown Supima® Cotton 

All products with the SUPIMA® trademark guarantee that the branded textile product you are buying contains the finest 100% U.S. Grown Pima cotton.



Extra Long Staple Cotton Only

No Short Staple Cotton.  All SUPIMA® cotton is ginned on “roller gins” that operate at much lower speeds in order to gently separate the fiber from the seed. In contrast, regular cotton is processed by high-speed “saw gins” which use a more aggressive system to break the fiber away from the seed.



New Zealand Raised Merino Wool 

The Merino Wool used on these products will come from merino sheep raised on a farm in New Zealand. The farm upholds our mutual goals of maintaining animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and quality fibers. As a naturally regenerative fabric that breaks down in water and soil, merino wool is perfect for making responsible and high-quality apparel.