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El Mago Hoodie - April 25th

The El Mago hoodie is a deeper exploration into divination, charlatans, tarot cards, and art that surrounds these themes. Film-maker Alejandro Jodorowsky can be quoted saying "The future is a con. The tarot is a language that talks about the present."
Featuring an oil based back graphic inspired by Salvador Dalí's commissioned tarot card project in 1973 for Roger Moore's first James Bond film, Live and Let Die. Dalí eagerly got to work, and continued the project on his own accord when the contractual deal fell through.
The occult interests of the 60s counterculture were mainstreamed in the 70s and Dalí channeled this and the vivid psychedelia of the age like none other in his works.
You may recognize the language on the bottom of the graphic from the iconic Sabbath album, Vol. 4, that was released in 1972, and marries all the themes explored in this piece in a way we could not overlook.