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JP Auclair, Liz Daley and Andreas Fransson Tribute and Donation

As many of you now know JP Auclair, Liz Daley and Andreas Fransson were killed after being caught in an avalanche in Patagonia.  Our industry takes a big hit with loss of these 3 great people.  We ask that you keep your thoughts and prayers with the families through this difficult time.  

A few of us at Jiberish knew JP personally and are still grappling with accepting this reality, while determining how to best honor JP.  In an effort to help support JP's family and raise awareness of how you can help, Jiberish will be running a promotion from 1pm MST today (October 6th) until 1pm MST tomorrow (October 7th) where ALL proceeds from our online sales will go to the THE AUCLAIR FUND.  JP left behind a son (Leo) and partner (Ingrid) so please consider alternatively donating directly to THE AUCLAIR FUND to help support his family during these hard times by following this link

Armada recently released a statement regarding the loss of their co-founder which did a wonderful job of explaining JP:

"The loss of our co-founder, JP, in particular, is overwhelming for us.  He had an incredible impact on everything he touched.  JP pioneered and transcended skiing genres and left an indelible mark on the sport.  He was a philanthropist, entrepreneur, director and filmmaker, photographer, designer, climber, skater, mountain biker, guide, X Games competitor, member of the New Canadian Air Force, and one of the few non-Japanese citizens to be certified at Kendama.  JP was our favorite person to be around; he was hilarious and he was kind.  Above all, JP was a father, a fiancé, a son, a brother, a godfather, a friend, and genuinely magnificent human. "

JP Auclair in "All.I.Can." by Sherpas Cinema:  

Andreas Fransson in "Happy Winter" by Endlessflow:  

Epic Alpine Chamonix Splitter Routes | The Daley Splitter with Liz Daley: