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Late Night Radio "Vinyl Restoration Vol. 5"


Hip hop has always been my first love as far as producing. The Vinyl Restoration series is the embodiment of that, as well as my escape from electronic music in general. I have a very simplistic approach for making the beats trying to take it back to the days of all vinyl sampling, swingy drums, and knocking snares. My aim for Vol. 5 and the series in general is to make music you can just live to.

- Alex Medellin

We teamed up for our latest mixtape with Colorado based producer Late Night Radio. This is his 5th installation in his series "Vinyl Restoration". This mix holds all the complexity of the classic era of jazz mashed up with down tempo hip hop breaks and beats. The result is a warm soulful compilation that is easy to listen to and brings you back to a different era in time.  Download for free or listen here.



Track List
1. Intro
2. Gumbo
3. Move On
4. Lampshade
5. Back Around
6. Hand Me Down
7. The Lounge
8. Good Sense
9. In The Haze
10. Where We've Been
11. Up & Away
12. No Chance
13. ATL
14. New Beginnings
15. Only Thing I Know

Artwork by: Artifakts