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Djemba Djemba "All City Champs"


We tapped Djemba Djemba to create the "All City Champs" mixtape for you this Holiday Season. It features the influence UK Bass music is having in today's clubs, and the ensuing reactions throughout New York, Chicago, Boston, and Djemba Djemba's home, Los Angeles. Consisting of unreleased tunes from friends around the world, the "All City Champs" represents the forefront of beat music.

Djemba Djemba released his first single in 2011, and has since been releasing music on the Mad Decent/Jeffrees label, his own imprint Rabbit Records, and weekly beat cypher Beat Team Supreme, as well as producing and remixing some of the largest names in EDM. His music has been featured and supported by the likes of Diplo, Rusko, The Gaslamp Killer, Clicks and Whistles, Eclair Fifi, Mamiko Motto, Baauer, Obey City, Major Lazer, Paul Devro, NTS, and BBC Radio 1.



Funeral Canticle - John Tavener
Pierce - Dominic Lord
Heavy Water Riddim - Zed Bias
Chronic Heart Failure - Djemba Djemba
Team Supreme Vol 15 - Falcons
Shader - Blawan
Cool Party - Groundislava
Janky - Buku
Roller (New Look) - Mr Carmack
Fumando - Clicks and Whistles
That Molly - Obey City
JWLS is Bored Pt. 4 - JWLS
R U Down - Chippy Nonstop feat. Antwon
Gobble Gobble (813 Remix) - B-Ju
Thurty Mins - Arnold
Same Damn Time - Future
Believe It Feat. Rick Ross - Meek Mill
Snap - Bauer
Rar - Arnold x CZ
Stilletos - FLCNS
Rasha - Djemba Djemba
Help Interlude - M|O|D
Cockiness (Hedspin and Grandtheft Remix) - Rihanna
Flyp City - S Type
Backseat Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar
Small - CZ
#Climax - CZ
I Need You (Djemba Djemba Retwerk) - Lil Texas
Between The Sheets (Nadus Remix) - Isley Brothers
Oh Ok Yeah That's Cool (FootwoRk Remix) - Djemba Djemba
Klink (Djemba Djemba Remix) - Death Grips
Fuckingassholesavefunction - Mr Carmack
Cbat (Slick Shoota Remix) - Hudson Mohawke
Infinite - Eminem