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June Jamboree '19

I was really excited to have the chance to take our crew to one of my favorite camp spots just outside of Buena Vista, CO. It’s a beautiful and easy 2.5 hour drive Southwest from Denver. With had a relatively loose schedule so we took some time to stop at Kenosha Pass along the Colorado Trail to enjoy the views and give Sam (@samso.henry) the chance to take out the drone and do his thing. 

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We continued on to grab lunch at Biggies in BV before trekking up into the foothills overlooking the Arkansas River Valley. The spot is a bit exposed - we dealt with some pretty serious winds most of the night - but with a backdrop of the Collegiate Peaks it was well worth it. We spent the afternoon hanging by the creek down the hill from our camp spot, target shooting and climbing the rock formation overlooking our site. 

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As the sun was setting we started up the fire and enjoyed a classic camp fire meal of steak fajitas and tequila. We broke out the Crazy Creeks, gathered around the fire and let the Modelo’s take us into the night.

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Vista Transition Jacket
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- Amos Pownall