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Holiday '19

I couldn't have been more stoked to have the chance to shoot our latest lookbook with such a solid crew of friends, athletes, and artists. On a Wednesday in mid-November, I linked up with Calvin Barrett, Pete Koukov, Elsa Watkins, and Andrew Mildenberger down in Denver. We promptly hit i70 heading West, making a quick stop for breakfast on our way to Copper mountain. We were hoping for sunny skies, but mother nature had other ideas. As we pulled into the Copper lot, it was overcast with light flurries - certainly not ideal for photos and video. Between packed schedules, this was the only day that worked for all of us, so we had to make it work. We met up with local photographer Chip Proulx and hit the mountain. 


As Eggo (Pete) and Breeze (Calvin) hiked the Woodward park, Andrew and Chip did their thing collecting content while Elsa and I hung around for moral support. The snow was gradually falling harder and harder, so Chip set up an impromptu studio in the woods under cover of some giant pines. We hit the trees with the gang, getting off some shots of the new gear. By the time we emerged from the trees, it was snowing so hard video was nearly impossible - not to mention the gang was soaked and tired as hell.

Flair Coaches Jacket
Hometown Beanie Blaze Orange

We headed down to the lodge for a bit to warm up and dry off. The snow, however, was falling with more and more intensity - it wasn't looking good for us. On the verge of throwing in the towel, we decided to suit up and head out for one more (two-skip) top to bottom run. 

Eggo finds a stash
Boys find the goods

It turns out Mother Nature had our backs. By the time we reached the summit, the clouds had cleared, revealing the i70 corridor below, late afternoon sun lighting up the surrounding peaks. We ended up skiing till closing bell, lapping the couple inches of fresh that had fallen throughout the day. The light was unreal; words can't quite do it justice. Andrew's handy work tells the whole story. 

Script Hoodies
Black Friday Tees
Fleece Hoods
Beacon Hoodie Natural
Beacon Hoodie Natural

- Amos Pownall