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April Showers '19

April Showers Collection

Having the chance to travel out to one of our favorite early summer spots, Ballyneal Golf & Hunt Club, gave us the opportunity to make the best of the newly arrived warm weather and to shoot our “April Showers” video lookbook and photo editorial. While we spend the majority of our winter season chasing snow and steep lines, some of us trade our skis for clubs when the weather warms up.

Olympic '76 Long Sleeve, Hometown Fleece Shorts, Crown Tube Socks

Another benefit of these georgeous Spring days is the way the long hot daytime hours lead into the cool evenings and nights. The breathability of our SUPIMA© cotton tees, polos, longsleeves and crewnecks were put to the test, and they passed with flying colors. I watched as Kale went a full round in his polo/crewneck SUPIMA© combo without so much as batting an eye. Once the sun dipped below the horizon and things started to cool down, the SUPIMA© was traded for 400gsm organic cotton fleece hoodies and crewnecks and our Merino wool beanies.

Imperial Crewneck Salmon

We were blessed enough to have access to the course before Ballyneal’s season kicked off, which means we were able to take in the beautiful views, golf a couple rounds and enjoy the underappreciated beauty of north-eastern Colorado without another soul in sight. 


One of the amazing thing about working with these natural fibers is they work exactly how they’re supposed to in nature. These weren’t developed in a lab - they were developed over time by good old mother nature. They breathe when it’s hot out and keep you warm when it’s cool. 



Imperial Crewneck Salmon, Purple Hand Dyed Bucket Hat



- Amos Pownall