Play For Keeps Hazy Tie Dye

$35.00 USD 

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Inspired by divination, tarot cards, and a deeper understanding of death comes the Play for Keeps Tie Dye Shirt. This is a lighter weight 3 season anorak. Perfect for the coming spring and summer seasons. Can be layered for colder nights or worn with a t-shirt for water proof or wind proof reasons. 

Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. Death can mean the "end" of anything: The end of an era, the end of a trip, the end of a day, the conclusion of a rough week. The Death card is less about something dying then about how a person deals with endings.

Death is natural and important, in a karmic sense, you die so that you may be reborn. Winter comes so that there can be a spring, and we can only appreciate what we have when we know that there is loss.

Oil based screen print done in Denver on 100% ringspun cotton. 

Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

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